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     The staff is always friendly, punctual, and their cleaning is excellent.
Leah 10/06/2024
     Thanks to Carpet Cleaners Millwall, we have had access to two exceptional and trustworthy cleaning professionals for the last couple of years, making our lives much easier.
Mark R.22/05/2024
     Kudos to the team for their unbeatable performance and phenomenal service that have impressed me yet again, earning them a perfect rating of 10/10.
Charles Henderson27/03/2024
     After using Millwall Carpet Cleaning Services for the second time, it is evident that their commitment to providing outstanding service to their customers is unwavering.
Juliana K.11/03/2024
     The seamless and fantastic service we received far surpassed all our expectations, thanks to the dedicated and skilled cleaner who made sure our carpet looked brand new again.
Poonam Ghudur01/03/2024
     My new flat has never looked better after being thoroughly cleaned by these exceptional professionals.
Hailey Peyton15/02/2024
     This is a great company that provides fast, efficient services at competitive prices!
Vanessa F.02/02/2024
     Amazing quality from beginning to end. I chose Millwall Carpet Cleaning Services for carpet cleaning and their prices were very reasonable. The cleaner did an EXCEPTIONAL job- she worked diligently, with great efficiency, and the results were amazing.
David Miller19/01/2024
     When looking for someone to provide a weekly clean of my flat, the team were top of my list; their cleaner is extremely experienced, friendly and swift to take on any extra requests I made. In addition, setting up the initial meeting was easy going and stress free.
Roger C.26/07/2023
     Not my practice to post reviews, but the quality of the home cleaning service from MillwallCarpetCleaners was so remarkable that I felt compelled to do so. Anyone in need of a cleaner should consider using them - they are unparalleled when it comes to tackling even complex hygiene issues.
Lonna M18/05/2023
     I called most of the local cleaning companies and either, they couldn't send a team on the day I needed them to, or they were far too expensive. I came across this lovely cleaning service and they had reasonable rates and open availability. They did a great job too.
Lauren Myers21/05/2020
     I have used Millwall Carpet Cleaning Services a couple of times, and each time I am more impressed. They are prompt, friendly, fast, and amazingly reliable! I can't recommend them highly enough.
Crews T.20/09/2019
      Millwall Carpet Cleaning Companies and their cleaners have helped me many times. Most recently, I called them in to sanitise my bathrooms and they once again exceeded my expectations. Will definitely hire again!
Paul C.31/05/2016
     I hired Carpet Cleaners Millwall recently to use their office cleaning services. All of us at the office couldn't be happier. We regularly have a team of cleaners that are absolutely lovely and always do a very good job. They hoover, wipe and clean and more. We actually look forward to their next visit!
T. Wellington 15/03/2016
     We run an advertising company and therefore we have many clients visiting us on a regular basis. This means that we have to keep our office maintained and in order all the time. A team from MillwallCarpetCleaners visits us daily to keep our workplace dust free and clean. They follow a rigorous cleaning method, which ensures that we work in a healthy environment. Thank you for the hard work put in by the team, we really appreciate it.
M. Barry19/08/2015
     There's a really, really long list of great things I could say about MillwallCarpetCleaners. One of the most important great things about them though is that I can really feel how clean my house is once they are done. Aside from this, the prices are great too so I think I will be able to afford hiring them for long term regular cleaning as well!
Elisabeth 17/03/2015
     Our front of house area has to be cleaned daily as the waiters and waitresses are too busy and some customers do leave a lot of mess particularly if they bring their young children with them. MillwallCarpetCleaners are brilliant at getting everything cleaned to the highest possible standard so that every chair, table and bit of carpet is clean and shiny. Our restaurant has had much better reviews since we started using these cleaning services and I take my hat off to the cleaners for how hard they work and how well they do their job when they clean for us.
G. Gibbs05/11/2014
     Since recently retiring early due to health reasons I called up MillwallCarpetCleaners at the advice of my son and was immediately struck by how good the customer advisor was in explaining the prices and services. The cleaners you send around always leave my home looking spotless and I can't thank you enough for your continuing efforts! My wife and I are always happy to have you around and feel that for the price your services are of excellent value. I see no reason why not to continue hiring yourselves for the foreseeable future!
     I'm no stranger to getting my hands dirty when it comes to manual labour, but I still hire MillwallCarpetCleaners on a semi-regular basis to keep things manageable. I was very happy with them the first time they came around, and things only got better after that. The cleaners they send over are armed with all of the cleaning materials that I could think of, and a few more besides! I always know that I can depend on them when things get tough, and that's the most important thing that you can get from a service like this. If you want an inexpensive cleaning solution, or you know, a cleaner in general - take a look!
Beth T.29/08/2014
     What a great service! Having spent so long looking for the right cleaning service and going through quite a few who weren't up to scratch. After a long and tough search, we finally got around to hiring MillwallCarpetCleaners and it has definitely been worth the wait. They manage to provide us with exactly the kind of service which we've been looking for and the kind of service which really makes a difference. So if you are like we were and spending a lot of time trying to find the perfect solution, then your search might well be finally over.
William Reed04/06/2014